The world will heal under my appeal, because long we have suffered over what we call real. For what is real is what you want, no need to flaunt, just accept it’s feel. Under energetic law there is no flaw, but the perception we have in our minds of it all. For the ones that read, listen to my plead, because the universe will give you what you need. The child goes wild, manifesting left and right, while us adults make sure their head doesn’t fly off, and stays on tight. Relative order must be in place, but make no mistake, energetic law is real I clearly state. Abundance and wealth is all I see, for the firmament of the skies and the earth will all heal, just wait and be. Divine expression is what we are you can try and escape both near and far but energetic law will bring you back to me. Now run my children and be divine, for it is your true nature as star children of the skies.