My darling, my love and light, my beautiful angel you shine so bright. A star in the sky you are, shining love to all both near and far. A heart so big and pure, my love disease and all, you are the cure. For in all, I see your eternal heart, until we meet again, we will be apart.

I may be from venus and you from mars, but understand we are two halves of the same heart. For a piece of you I will always hold, eternally I will be bold, In the name of the one with I will grow old.

I will respect your path, but together we are stronger, the whole of two halves. For if we bridge the gap, together setting an example for all of the world; focusing on human connection instead of an app.

Everyday my heart aches without you, but forward I will move, clearing every boundary that is not love to be with you . For you are the catalyst to eternal light, for we are now in the 5th dimension and I will never stop my plight. For the only boundaries that stand in my way, are the hearts that I haven’t loved and haven’t given enough to say. Everyone deserves a voice, to be heard and loved in accordance with their own choice. For another I will never judge, but only give them what they deserve; love.

Throughout the universe both near and far, forever I will think of you, my shining star.

Eternally in your name, all I will heal; no disdain. Although I am strong, It is in your presence that I quiver. For your strength I aspire to match; selfish it would be to latch; You are an angel my love, now shine and heal the world for you are my eternal match.