We can address toxic masculinity by respecting one another. There doesn’t need to be people at odds. You have two sides of the same coin that are fighting because they don’t understand each other. Sit down, talk with each other, and realize that both have done things that the other dislikes. It isn’t fair to one another to blame each sex and say one is bad. The solution is a lot more complex than people make it out to be. It is true that masculinity is out of balance but do we really need to say all is toxic? Why can’t we have a discussion about it and talk? We are all equal on this planet and we all deserve respect; just because one does not see the others perspective yet does not mean we shouldn’t respect them. The entire globe needs to fucking relax and negotiate equality. There is no reason for people to be sick, poor, or in lack of basic necessities. We need to work towards better government. The core infrastructure of the government is complete garbage. You guys have zero clue what you’re fucking doing and you need to restructure. The fundamental premise of keeping existential balance is that we keep the discussion open and going; you’re all going to listen to me because i’m fucking right. Men need to listen to women more, because they have been trying to tell you what they want all along and you’re ignorant as fuck. The closest human being besides me keeping this entire thing intact is Jordan Peterson. Jordan Peterson is the fucking man; you are seriously the dopest shit ever you rock. Jordan Peterson has been the only one keeping existential equilibrium while my head was in the clouds. So you all need to wake up and listen to both of us.