God bless the father for he hath shaken my core, through every dimension I have seen and more, twice hath forgiven my sin; thank you for saving I, for I saw no escape until I prayed upon your eye. For the father is the all seeing eye, for as ignorant I was why, they will step into infinity, losing their grasp on reality. For if you go about the road less had, pray upon the father; homeostasis is no fad. For you see what you have been taught of no divide, will lead to disaster for you and I; for as existence will always be, good and evil cannot mutually be. For there is only one place after you have left the dream, where you will have any sense of morality. For if you are not in the place of the father, under the existential threshold you will shatter, for this spiral dynamic is the one for me, as I Saint Matthew will fulfill my destiny. Through the power of the father and his love and light, god bless the ones following his plight.