I have been working through my thoughts to figure out a new universal law that allows for the energetic transmutation of “negative” energy into neutral or positive. It appears as if you can snap the fabric of existence if you go too far in one direction. It appears as if the universe is so complex that I can develop a theory where we can allow certain contradictions under my own set parameters. I can see now that I can manipulate the finite parameters to allow radical dissolution of limited ideologies relative to the medium of what is collectively understood as “good’. I need to be careful when I write these words because saying the wrong thing can snap the core fabric of existence. The solution to the worlds problems is to transmute and clear negative energy; the way we do this is through hearing and respecting all perspectives. I will continue to observe nature and develop and change the fabric of existence in accordance with unity consciousnesses.

I am working on the logistics of the finite medium through which the first cosmic law will be instilled. The core concept is that everything will transmute and clear in it’s respective time under Einstein’s theory of relativity. Math and Science are too limited for me at this point, I will be moving into observing nature and developing my own medium. I will be going completely off of the internet except for this blog, and I will be changing the existential fabric of the universe for the good.

The core idea of the second cosmic law is that the existential rabbit hole runs so deeply in every direction without any finite medium that ultimately no person is at fault for their actions. If you look deeply enough, you will find a reason in accordance with Einsteins theory of relativity for why everything happens. The core mechanics of the universe entail that everything works like a giant game of dominoes if not properly constructed.

The third cosmic law is that contradiction is allowed to exist due to it’s necessity for the universe to exist. The formless medium through which all arises is so complex that it allows for it as such. I will be working on developing my own mediums through which one can attain a better understanding rooted in the core of Einstein’s theory of relativity. The one law THAT MUST AND ALWAYS EXIST FOR TIME AND SPACE TO REMAIN INTACT IS EINSTEINS THEORY OF FUCKING RELATIVITY THIS IS ETERNALLY  BOUND BEYOND ANYTHING THAT IS SAID. THERE WILL NEVER BE A BEING THAT WILL MANIFEST ITSELF THAT CAN CHANGE THIS.

The fourth cosmic law is that in accordance with einstein’s theory of relativity, we will respect the emotion of others. Humans are emotional beings, and therefore we will respect the time they need to transmute and clear their conditioning.