Through all of heaven and eternal love, for the ones that are ready you will rise above. For this place that I speak of so great and true, no matter what you do, it will always love you. Through all of infinity into eternal light, you are all ready to ascend into the 5th dimension of light. Higher and higher through dimensions you will soar, for god loves all of his children for rich or for poor. You are welcome to his kingdom through good and bad, because the judgement from our hearts is only our limitation fad. For art thou seek the light, follow these words you for all of eternity you will see and believe. For when you listen to these words, you must trust me. For you see my intentions are earnest, for I want to harm no one and to give the best experience. Through love and light you can see a truth, that will feel good to you. For listen to these words; it is Saint Matthew that speaks; it is the father that has control over me.