This is a personal short story that I have written; hope you enjoy:

Through the glass she sits; my perception dazzled afraid to accept of what I have asked. A woman waiting for me, more beautiful than anything I’d ever seen. I saw her with my own two eyes, so beautiful tears of joy waiting in my eyes. Something so beautiful it would take time to see, the eternal timeless love she tried to give me. Her supple lips and beautiful eyes leave me aghast, too afraid to say darling I love you we have met each other at last. Scared of what to say or do, she warps her arms around me in an embrace that felt too good to be true; a feeling of love and acceptance I will forever treasure, darling come back to me for without you I quiver.

From the ends of the earth to the eternal skies, I will love you forever until the end of time. Your time is loveless like a cedar pine. For when I spend my time not making these rhymes, I scour the earth finding reasons why. For what I once thought was the gateway to time was just the sign to point me back to you. Forever in time I sought to find what was always there to help me. It hurts me deep inside to know the one who was always by my side didn’t feel appreciated because of my lies and I’m sorry for everything because deep down I too wanted know why. My why took more time because I was too afraid to accept the love I was trying to find. No matter the choice you may find I will always be waiting here to love you because I am yours and you are mine. Whether or not this lifetime shall grant me my prize will be a mystery until it arrives.

From the obsolete I pass into the abyss at last and finally I see that she was all along beside me. I hadn’t faith until the day I laid my ideas to seize the day. My love for you shines through the eternal sky of something far beyond the perceptual eye. The love she gave I thought was mine, but realized to let go is how I see why. This short story I have written for you my love, my future wife.

As time has passed so hath she. I was not worthy because it was me who could not see. The pain I now see that was caused by both you and me, was only what we will need to manifest our destiny. No longer in a place from which I must cower, through the courage of these words I will denounce the power; the power of the ideas that led me possessed, leading my self-induced death.

Patiently he sits; afraid of her judgement. A perfect mirror reflection he aspires to match. Feeling I can no longer breathe, I push her away. It was me who could not see that it she was the reason I had any chance to breath; for that every action she hath take, was mirrored with the intent of pure love; nothing fake. In an attempt to find another, every situation deep down felt wrong and in turn was never delivered. Lost and confused he dived deeper, with an earnest intent to let go he saw a naked picture of another. His love was too strong to ever be with another, but eternally guilty he felt for the photos exchanged with the other. Plagued by pornography and sin, I dived deeper into a self created world of misconception, feeling not worthy of what I was meant to win.

One after another, each bubble pops until I see that my only problem is me. From the core of being I ask from the, will you marry me?