We believe that death exists because we are still within the dimension of object-relationship consciousness. As the collective energy fields vibrate higher, people will start waking up into 5th dimension consciousness.

It has been my personal experience that the fear of death can only be overcome through bringing the masculine and feminine energies (spiritual, physical, etc) to it’s marginal thresholds , inducing enough of a shock to induce the dissolution of the ego. This is why you will hear people speak of experiences in a spiritual fashion when they have near death experiences.

The dissolution of the ego is a process (in my personal experience) that comes in waves. Existence itself is the classroom, showing itself in it’s higher form, which in turn begins waking itself up, one relative truth after another. Life is the unfolding of relative truths, returning to full unity.

You cannot see it yet, but you are not your experience, but the energetic field in which it manifests on. We already know through science that when someone dies. consciousness is still present. The alternative to experience is non-experience, not death. Where do you think you go when you fall asleep? You return to the home screen.