As my levels of empathy expand to levels I’ve never felt it before, I can see that everything happens for a reason.

As ironic as this sounds given what I’ve previously written, I can see the answer is acknowledgement and respect towards all ideas and differences.

You have people navigating through their experience believing that there’s good and bad, instead of expanding their awareness to see why everything happens for a reason. The further we develop this ability, the larger our state of consciousness becomes.

Due to the energetic imbalance of the masculine, we are now seeing the necessary byproduct reaction through the third dimensional manifestation of experience through many mediums (politics, gender, etc).

the problem is that the overwhelming majority of the human population has not spiritually developed to the point where they can see that logic and rationalization will not solve the issue.

When you are primarily oriented to see reality as an object-oriented experience where you as an individual are overcoming obstacles, instead of realizing we are a collective organism balancing masculine and feminine energies, you perpetually manifest situations that demonstrate that confusion.

I can’t tell you how to wake up to 5th dimensional understanding; I’ve been in and out of this state for the last few years.

I will be writing more as the “rewiring process” keeps taking place.