I’ve seen myself go through radical shifts in ideology over the last 4 years. I believe this is due to the feminine and masculine energies having a good tassel before the bubble pops, opening experience into 5th dimensional consciousness. Until the illusion of good and bad is seen through, the masculine and feminine will manifest in it’s marginal extremities, inducing enough shock to raise the vibration of the ego, leading to total dissolution. This will happen through all existential mediums in your experience.

As I’ve spoken about in previous articles, there are many ways to come to a logical conclusion relative to a certain substructure of ideas. It is only true to say that relative truths exist (in regards to “understanding”) and that I once believed that the best solution was to agree on a relative truth halfway between both parties involved.

The ego will be in a perpetual battle with itself until it wakes up out of object-relationship consciousness. Waking up into fifth dimensional consciousness will take you out of this dilemma, opening up to the realization that everything that life manifests is for the highest good of unity. The problem lies in seeing the full picture in regards to why it happens. The larger your state of consciousness expands, the deeper you can see through your experience.

Let go of all ideas, and act as if everything is happening to help you grow.

Watch what happens