I’ve been in this state for 4 days now; I have to say it’s pretty insane. Since time has been dissolved out of your experience, you are left with your present day experience without the disruption of unnecessary thoughts.

You go through life feeling almost as if you’ve caught onto a natural current that lets you flow from moment to moment. At this point you’ve seen through the nature of the decision maker and that has left your experience as well. It is through the transcendence of what was called once “I” where full understanding of what life is shines through.

You envision a reality over yourself, pretending you’re something much smaller than what you really are. It appears that consciousness (god) is playing a perpetual game with itself playing “hide and go seek”. It comes is many forms (including the body reading this).

It appears that what we once thought was time does not exist. It appears as if your level of consciousness gives you increased access to other potentialities of experience relative to certain parameters (being the third dimension for most) and you have an intuitive compass that selects the highest timeline currently available to your soul.

Exchanges between people are no longer seen as two separate entities having an exchange but rather an entire exchange in itself with no chance for diverting what was inevitably going to happen regardless (due to the dissolution of the ego (e.g. the one making decisions)).