It becomes increasingly evident to me that any issue that is ever perceived is because of the separate self that is perceived to begin with. In higher states of consciousness you can break through the third dimensional barrier and see beyond these limited parameters. How would you respond in a situation if you could see no one person was acting with intention to begin with? What if there wasn’t any separate entity acting at all?

Good and Bad


The nature of good and bad once again is due to the false perception of separate entities roaming your experience, when in fact it is a single organism moving in accordance with it’s intentions. Good and bad are two sides of the same coin, the only reason you can experience good is because there is bad! Neither are good or bad, they just are!

Can you objectively point me towards a medium that concretely demonstrates that your body is separate from anything around you? No you can’t, and that’s because your true nature is anything and everything that can exist. In my previous article where I go down to the core of true objectivity and if it exists demonstrates why there is no true objectivity, ruling out any absolutes.

Here are a few statements to stimulate thought and begin your personal inquiry to discovering this truth for yourself:

  • What consists of me? Why am I me?
  • What can without a doubt prove that I am only the body?
  • Where do my thoughts come from? Can I see without a doubt where those come from?
  • Where do my decisions come from?