My return to regular drug use has led me to open up back to higher states of consciousness, becoming self aware of my downfalls and bringing in brilliant new insights.

As I talk about in a previous article, life has too many variables to take into consideration when making a decision, but what about understanding as a whole? I’ve realized that no matter how you try to articulate something through a finite medium, it limits your perspective. Though there may be relative truths to the topics that I’ve spoken about, life is far too complicated to box under finite ideology.

I’ve come to see that life itself is the classroom. It appears that virtually all ideas limit you to some fashion, and begin to shape your perspective relative to what you’re studying. As someone who ranks 99th percentile on the openness scale (making me indecisive), I can tell you there’s many ways to interpret experience. I’ve personally come to the conclusion that life is meant to be lived, not to be understood. The understanding comes through what you learn via experience.

We want to understand things to give justification to the situation at hand. Through higher states of consciousness you can see that there is no good and bad. The idea of good can only exist in contrast to the idea of bad. You cannot know one without the other. We think bad things happen to us because of our relative experience, not knowing on a higher level it can be seen as having good reason.

What makes something bad? Relative to how we perceive something, this can look night and day different. You have a complete massacre going on of cells eating one another in your bloodstream, but on a higher level we can see it’s the only reason that you’re alive. Life is too complicated to label what happens to us as good or bad. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and that we are meant to perpetually look at the lessons life is trying to deliver us.

I’ve decided to take my own advice from my previous article in “5 Things I  Would of Told Myself 5 Years Ago” and focus on the small things that are real to me. I can write about and explore ideas through this blog, but nothing I can write (or any other human being) can properly articulate an idea that fully encapsulates reality.

It would be dishonest to say that I have all the answers. It is through my thorough investigation that I see no one has the answers, and that you should focus on life itself and what it’s trying to teach you. There are many ways to perceive reality, and I’ve decided to take the highest perspective currently available to me. What I have derived from that perspective is that everything happens for a reason, and that we are part of a collective movement seamlessly changing and growing.

I don’t think that life is something that needs to be fixed. I believe everything happens for a reason and we’re not designed to understand through any finite medium why. Spiritual practices like Buddhism point to these higher spiritual truths that can be seen firsthand.

This is going to sound cliche, but what I’m writing about today can be summarized in “keep an open mind, don’t limit yourself through ideas and follow what your experience is trying to teach you”. My efforts here will not effect or change what you are destined to experience, in relation to what you are designed to learn and grow from, and neither will anyone else. A man who writes a book blinds himself and a million others.

In an attempt to follow through with my new understanding, I’m shutting down all social media (maybe even this blog) and focusing on experience. I have found that a mixture of cannabis, psychedelics, and meditation is the key to success to opening up to deeper personal insights (all alongside following your experience). The answers are inside of us, we just need to keep looking internally.

I may or may not be wrong. What I can tell you is that my words come from thousands of hours of thinking and contemplation. I come from an earnest deep desire for truth.