I’ve observed this phenomena where in which there appears to be two baseline ideologies that surround both the eastern and western parts of the the world. The western world is oriented around self-centered motive, in relation to a focus on the whole in the east.

There is no appeal to me in regards to the western motive of chasing material success and achievement. I have reached a state of enlightenment long ago where I clearly see this is foolish. I’ve been trying to convince myself otherwise, solely for the purpose of trying to fit into this society.

I have found myself once again sucked into the western echo chamber of achievement, going against the grain of my true nature. I have decided to take this blog in a new direction that is more aligned with who I am as a person. There will be serious changes to the contents of my book; even considering scrapping what I currently have. The effort to create something that is aligned with what is true to me will be worth it in the end.

I will be taking more psychedelics and returning to my roots. My personal observations and theories in regards to metaphysics, consciousness, and human behavior will slowly emerge has the focal point of this blog. Though these are my favorite areas, it takes long hours of thinking and contemplation to manifest something feasible for the masses to read. Majority of the time expended on my theories is spent alone thinking about these ideas; the writing process is short.

I find myself consuming less and less books, almost to the point where I see that it’s useless. I trust my own observations more at this point than any philosopher. I’m reaching a point where I need to focus on my own theories and observations.