A keystone ability to being successful is being decisive with your decision making. In the words of western philosopher Allan Watts, there’s an infinite multiplicity of data you can take into consideration before you make a decision. How much is too much? How much is too little? It has been through my personal observations that people make better decisions following their intuition. Honing your ability for fast real-time decision making is an essential keystone to lifetime success.

Real-Time Decision Making Versus Long Term Strategy

I want to state explicitly that I am referring to situations that contextually involve decision making in real-time. Long term strategy is a whole other process in of itself.

My personal process for long term decision making requires a immeasurable balance between feeling and reason. I’ve thought about this subject for many hours, and I still cannot give a decisive formula. Going back to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, I use this as a baseline to interpret and solve an issue that I’m dealing with. What I have come to understand in regards to the process of long term strategy, is that context is everything. It is almost as if a person needs to continually develop their ability to adapt to a situation in accordance with how the contextual boundaries change.

Overthinking & Indecisiveness

Through alleviating sources of indecisiveness, we intrinsically increase our ability to be decisive. A primary source of indecisiveness comes from the human condition of overthinking.

Referring back to western philosopher Allan Watts, he goes in depth to the human condition in regards to our tendency to overthink problems and situations. Let’s use our natural ability to observe the natural world and cross reference it  with a hypothesis: Does overthinking help real-time decision making? Well lets take a look at other creatures in nature. Does the house cat hesitate before it goes to eat? To sleep? To move/navigate? You can observe almost any creature in the animal kingdom and see that human beings are the only ones that tries to find confirmation through an informational medium before making a real-time decision.

Referring to the beginning of this article, there is an infinite multiplicity of data we can take into consideration before making a decision. So what’s the point? I would personally say none at all. Have you ever seen a cloud that made a mistake? Or a bird? We overthink in fear of making a “mistake”, but a mistake is a finite subjective term that grossly assumes authority over an infinity multiplicity of data that we do not and will not ever understand.

Orienting With Decisiveness

It is my personal understanding that the more one explores oneself and their limits/capabilities, the more self aware they become. The more self aware we are, the more we know about our current limits. When we leave little to no room for surprise, this delivers a substantial boost to our decisiveness. Regardless of if it is the right move or not relative to what you think that move may be, take another step forward. There is too much data to take into consideration to know whether or not you made the correct decision, therefore every decision is the correct one.