One of the fundamental things I have observed about the universe is the lack of permanence. The human condition solely sits on this one problem: the idea of permanence where none exists.


Let’s take a moment to partake in personal observation to see this for ourselves. Take a moment to observe the experience you’re currently having. Notice that each moment passes by so quickly it is immeasurable through any medium. The only reason you understand what you and others are saying when you speak is because your brain is in a state of perpetual recollection of what was previously said, chaining together what was released vocally into words. Everywhere we look it is evident that the universe is in a perpetual state of change. There is not a single moment that your experience is not changing.

Letting Go

The primary human condition is that in which doesn’t allow us to fully let go into the nature of our experience. We hold onto ideals, objects, situations and people. The deeper we can let go into our experience and accept how it unfolds, the better off we are. I believe that life manifests situations in accordance with how we need to learn to fully let go more into our experience.


Though psychedelics are a great tool to gain insight on this subject, it is in your best interest to practice daily meditation to see tangible results manifest. There’s already a plethora of science that shows meditation has physical effects on the brain.