Psychedelic induced experiences are the most profound experiences I’ve ever had. My psychical senses and perception has permanently changed because of it. I see and feel things on different levels that I did not before. I believe the psychedelic experience is a direct route to talk to the creator.

The Return to Source

My first experience of god was actually sober. I was 18 years old, walking down the street on a weekday evening. If you take a moment to feel within your body and ask yourself “what am i? what is the feeling of me?” you will more than likely turn to the inner tension within the body that we intrinsically claim as “I”. This feeling of I began to expand until I saw that at my core I was the entire universe. It was like god’s usb stick was plugged into the back of my head, and in an instant I understood everything. I could see how everything was interconnected, and how everything happened for a reason. I could see that at my core I was god pretending to be a mortal human, and so are you. Ever since that experience, I have been in a permanent state of enlightenment.

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

Using Einstein’s theory, I can further deepen and connect my relative understandings to my larger understanding that I gained through that experience in my mind. There are larger fundamental truths about the mechanics of reality, and that was one of them. I cannot prove this to you through an objective medium. It is something one must experience first hand. For some it requires decades of meditation and self inquiry, and for some it comes instantaneously.

Opening to Higher Dimensions

These drugs have allowed me to experience higher dimensions. It is common that after one heavy experience, it can take years to cognitively process a fraction of what you experienced. I spend hundreds of hours in silent contemplation so I’ve been able to make much faster progress.


It is true that one must experience death to break past what is commonly spoken of as “the barrier”. This experience is commonly labeled “the ego death”. This is also how I came to understand that death is something much different than we imagine it to be. You must fully experience the dissolution of the human self to obtain higher knowledge. Do not be afraid. If you are a part of the 99.9 percent that is so drawn to it that you have no choice but to take it, then do it. Otherwise do not force it.