1. Have zero expectations from others and rely on yourself

The reason we get upset with others is because we’ve created an expectation in our mind of how they should of acted in accordance with a situation. The more you learn to rely on yourself and pick up the pace for others that are struggling, the more of an alpha male you become.

2. Depreciate the opinions of others and know who you are

This one is tricky because I’m not saying that you shouldn’t take critique into consideration. In fact I would say that we need to grow thicker skin and be open to all critique. Humans are susceptible to letting the opinions of others be the primary determinant of the decisions we make and how we act. We also let the opinions of others get under our skin far too much (I would know first hand). Knowing and being confident in who you are will aide in depreciating the opinions of others, and in turn allow you to grow thicker skin.

3. Life is about small things that are real to you

Humans are at a perpetual tug of war between who they actually are versus what they envision they can be, deriving from their ego. If you analyze yourself deeply enough, the dividing line between the two will become increasingly clearer as time moves forward. Life isn’t about the culturally pushed doctrines of being famous and gaining attention, but rather the things in life that manifest right before your eyes. The small things that are real to you.

4. Don’t take things so seriously

At the end of the day, both me and you will have the same material value buried 6 feet under the ground. It’s easy to get caught up in ideas of riches and competition to be better, but remind yourself that in the end none of this really matters. What does matter is human connection, who you helped, and who you loved.

5. You cannot change people, they can only change themselves

Given that I’m a kind and agreeable person by nature, I’ve been caught time and time again being taken advantage of by people asking for my help. Learn to find the balance between compassion and reason. Even though you may know what is best for someone, they will not learn until life manifests a situation in which they can learn. In the words of Jordan Peterson, “Do not reveal pearl before swine”.