I will start off this article by saying that I am speaking from personal experience. I am taking my personal experiences, cross referencing it with what I’ve observed in human behavior and making my own hypothesis.

Desensitization Through Irrational Acceptance

There’s a substantial lack of balance between reason and compassion in western society. We’ve seen a cultural trend that pushes ideologies of rapid acceptance on a plethora of levels (only one of which I’m discussing in this article). It is through my personal observations that I see an irrational acceptance of obesity through what is called “body positivity”.

“Body Positivity”

As someone that lost 120 pounds, I can tell you through my personal experience that I believe this is ridiculous and not needed. The overwhelming majority of people dealing with obesity or weight problems do not have an eating disorder, therefore we can summarize “body positivity” as a catalyst to continue being whiny and reinforce the collective victim mentality.

I was not able to lose 120 pounds until I looked in the mirror and objectively looked at myself. People that are overweight begin to develop a pseudo personality to excuse and accept why they’re overweight. The day I realized I am responsible for my actions and I need to stop pretending I’m a victim of external circumstances was the day I lost 120 pounds in 10 months.

Growth Does Not Come Without Suffering

The nature of the human being entails that we do not grow unless we have a fire lit under our ass. Human beings rarely grow unless our circumstances force us to do so. Still to this day the cycle remains the same. Once I objectively look in the mirror and see I look like a fat piece of shit, it gives me the fire required to lose 50-80 pounds. If human beings accepted themselves as they are, we would not grow. It is not healthy to accept yourself as you are. I must add that this does not mean that we push this idea to it’s marginal extremities (e.i. become hyper critical of ourselves). It is healthy to accept the things about yourselves that you cannot change, but if you can change something that you see will help you in the long run, why not do so? It’s okay to say that being fat is gross, because it is. We need to grow up and stop hiding behind this culturally enforced pseudo victim complex.