What is The Red Pill?

The red pill derives from the movie “The Matrix”. The character “Neo” is given two decisions: take the blue pill or the red pill. Will he choose to comfortably stay in the illusion? Or will he swallow the red pill, waking up to the truth? The blue pill represents the fantasy civilization has been fed and the red pill symbolizes the cold hard truth.

The red pill is a community of men that have dedicated a substantial amount of time and effort to understand the truth. One of the main areas in which these efforts have been focused on is the the male/female dynamic of sexual relationships. This has primarily been done through cross referencing observable behavior in relation to personal experience and tracking predictable patterns to articulate feasible hypothesizes.

I will be writing separate articles on the red pill of male/female attraction, love, and the idea of “romance”. As time passes I will later introduce an even deeper idea called “The Black Pill” (I’ll leave that for another time).

How to Use The Red Pill

Just as I’ve stated in a previous article that went semi viral, the nature of existence implies a lack of finite understanding. Just like any form of finite understanding, the red pill is a medium through which we can better navigate existence. There are plenty of men that call themselves a part of “the red pill community” that are really just bitter human beings looking for a catalyst to excuse and deepen into said bitterness. The point of the red pill is to find patterns and to look as deep as we can past our societal condition to see the truth. The red pill is not an ideological parasite to posses your perspective and cognitively limit yourself mentally from other possibilities.