Death of the Family Structure : When Morality is Gone Civilizations Crumble


I agree that most of what people refer to in regards to the correlation between moral decay and the fall of Roman civilization is religious doctrine. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t any correlation. Promiscuous behavior including adultery, orgies, emperors keeping groups of young boys for personal pleasure, incest, and castration of male slaves to marry all contributed to the decay of the family structure. I believe the family structure is the foundation for functional societies. Given my beliefs, this is why I believe moral decay played a significant role in the initial fall of Rome. The most successful civilizations were those that held under the family structure. When we stray from equilibrium between chaos and order, the results manifest themselves starkly. Today I’ll be looking at the traditional family structure, how it has changed, and why marriage is no longer a sanctioned pact between two individuals, but rather a controlled cash cow in preference of the woman controlled by the state.

Women in the Workforce

I’m going to start off this paragraph by explicitly stating (because I know a few of you are going to put me on fucking blast for this either way) I am not against women being in the workforce. Regardless I am not afraid to speak my truth and articulate it bluntly in accordance with what I observe. It’s clear that women entering the workforce isn’t doing any good in regards to maintaining the family structure. Throwing your kids into daycare and having someone else raise your children ain’t the fucking solution folks. There’s a biological processes of pair bonding that takes place between mother and child that will greatly suffer otherwise if you have the mother working 40 hour weeks while having someone else raise your child. I understand this is a blanket statement and there’s many situations where it’s necessary for the mother to work but regardless the truth stands for itself. Higher order agenda has shoved down women’s throats that they need to be independent of men and that they need to have a flashy career/monetary success. Now more than ever we’ve seen a flood of single mothers. This is an agenda of elite groups to break the family structure to have more control. All of the most successful civilizations followed the family structure. Women’s natural tendency to move towards security leads them to have irrational faith in the government. They’re fed what they want now in turn for a much larger deficit that will manifest on a larger scale. The government isn’t your fucking friend.

Marriage Law


It’s easier now more than ever for women to pair up with a man, have children, and divorce whenever they please. Generally speaking the woman gets half of the mans assets with no effort on her part. In Canada if you’re a woman you’re given instant rights/control over the children in most cases. Statistically it’s a 50/50 coin toss on first marriages, skyrocketing up to 70 percent divorce rates on second marriages. Given the newly acquired hyper connectivity of the world, women have unlimited options magnifying their hypergamous nature. Given how easy it is for women to walk out of a marriage, we’re encouraging this shitty fucking behavior. Now more than ever we’re seeing this female marriage monkey branching behavior being acted out predominantly in the US and Canada. Traditional marriage went out the window decades ago. The amount of government control given when applying for a state marriage license in my opinion no longer even makes it a marriage. It’s an agreement with a third party loan shark.

How do we fix it?

The issue manifested in the first place because men of the west castrated themselves. Hookup culture is a problem because we can’t get a hold of our cocks and transcend our biology to higher values. The issue of government is a bit more complicated but the underlying premise still lies the same. We ignorantly trust and conform to the bullshit instead of growing a pair and learning to use our voice/think independently. The nature of the feminine is to follow, so men need to be the example and lead. Nothing can be fixed until we return to the male warrior spirit. Men need to stand their ground and return to their roots of masculinity. We need to grab the world by the balls and tear it a new asshole.