This is a hard one for me the write because I don’t fully understand it myself but I can see i’m onto something. When pushing the boundaries of human understanding it’s always ambiguous. I’m going to state here these are my original theories. Consider this blog a way for me to record and sort out my experiences/understandings.

My findings through psychedelics have led me to understand that everything is relative to our frame of experience. Within that frame of experience we can take variables x y z, and line them up relative to a certain line of logic (e. g. ideology). Relative to said line of logic it make senses and you will get an outcome. The issue lies in the fact that we can take those same variables, line them up relative to another line of logic that still works and yet get a totally different outcome.

Deeper into the Rabbit hole: Relative Relativity Within Relative Framing


Easily one of the best discoveries in regards to the fundamental mechanics of the universe is Einstein’s theory of relativity. I can’t think of a more fundamental statement that can be made about the nature of everything than just that. This is why in one of my previous posts I said that true objectivity doesn’t exist! The rabbit hole of relativity doesn’t stop. How many variables do we consider? When do we stop? Within a relative frame of experience you can point to an infinite multiplicity of variables relative to one another. The universe can only be understood in broader terms when we work through broader mediums. The understandings/mediums that we hold onto (mainly science) is limited. Science is still valuable in essence but tries to work in areas where it is not utilized to it’s full potential. We’re hung up on understanding everything through the relative objective medium of science. We need to let go of finite understanding to truly have a larger grasp on the nature of what is happening here.

Understanding the Flow of Reality : Letting go of Finite Understanding


A simple way to understand the lack of permanence that the nature of experience holds is to begin to analyze your own. Notice how the nature of experience is continually fleeting and that every moment escapes the next before you have the chance to comprehend it. Just as you think it’s in your grasp, it slips right out of your hands. Take a moment and look around you. Can you see a past or a future? You have an idea that passes through your mind that you’ve been conditioned to believe is something called “past” and “future”. Can you objectively point it out for me? In the words of Bruce Lee, “be water”. All that we ever have is the present moment. When we flow like water, we follow the current of reality instead of fighting against it.

What you are is Relative to Frame of Experience


The body is only the unit relative to your current frame of experience. The only reason you believe that you are the body is because you haven’t experienced otherwise. Many rationalists will weakly claim that the psychedelic experience is very well just that; absolute nonsense. The nature of reality is experience. Every experience is just as real as the other, because it’s an experience. Do you remember a start or an end to your dreams? Just like what you’re experiencing right now, you’re dropped right in the middle of the action. Can you remember the start of the experience you’re currently having? No you can’t.

Finite understanding is only a tool to help us relative to our frame of experience. It’s a battle between human intrinsic desire for understanding versus the letting go of what we currently understand to deepen into the nature of experience.