Disclaimer to Readers

People seem to really misunderstand me when I write. Ever since the piece I wrote on Jordan Peterson, I’ve gotten a lot of hate responses so I’m going to attempt to clarify misunderstandings. A lot of what I write is meant to grab attention (and clearly it has worked). Some reason people are taking what I write and developing an image about me as a person. I did say that thus far what I’ve published is open ended and the topics are much more complex than what is written within the piece itself.

Compassion is Necessary


Undoubtedly for the majority of human existence we’ve seen a male dominated world across all spectrums. I have a theory that fundamentally the mechanics of existence allows for an equal counter reaction to every reaction (yin and yang so to speak). One can view the increase of feminization in society as a necessary counter measure to balance the masculinization that has dominated for the majority of human existence. I’m going to begin by stating that compassion is a necessity. As I stated above in my theory, without equal countermeasure it can get out of control. I’m going to talk about the nature of compassion and how it can get out of hand.

Maternal Compassion


Maternal compassion is a biological mechanism instilled in animals to ensure viable offspring via protection. Have you seen what a mother bear looks like when she feels her young are threatened? Just as the mother bear, when threatened in the face of danger for her young, surpassing the threshold of maternal compassion leads to anger. Human beings have this mechanism written into our blueprint as well. This part of our blueprint is manifesting in such a fashion that it’s becoming the boa constrictor of society. Where can we see linear behavioral patterns to the maternal compassion of the mother bear in humans?

Freedom of Speech vs Hate Speech : Where can we Draw the Line?

Frank Frazetta-Serpent.jpg

This is tricky because it’s a tug of war between the ability to fully express ones self versus the continually narrowing constrictions of what we called “offensive”. One can argue that regardless of the variables, it’s inevitable that someone will feel negatively  impacted by our views. Just because something offends someone, doesn’t mean that it’s bad. Sometimes things need to be said that ultimately manifest for the betterment of the collective regardless of the marginalized groups that get offended. I understand that a case can be made for certain situations to have restrictions. Ultimately what happens is that baseline parameters are set that restrict speech across all spectrums. The byproduct is that we’ve now suppressed speech as a whole. A case can be made that under special circumstances variables classified under true marginal extremities be temporarily restricted. I believe otherwise that these boundaries need to be left open. The more we feminize society, the less opportunity we allow of humans to grow. Just as the mother who suffocates her child with compassion limiting their growth, we are doing the same thing to people in western society (primarily in Australia, Canada, and the United States.) Suffering and tension is what induces growth in the human being on all levels.