What does it mean to say “I understand something”? What is understanding? How can we objectively confirm through an unbiased medium that something is understood? Does the nature of experience and interpretation through a medium itself create subjectivity therefore eliminating objectivity? As far as my brain understands this, we need to go as deep as possible to the root of experience and work our way down.



When we examine our objective experience of reality disregarding ideas, thoughts, and language we’re left with our senses. The issue is that the nature of experience suggests subjectivity because it’s an experience. Though limited, through the medium of science we know that your senses filter a fraction of the information “in front of you” creating the experience of consciousness , therefore subjective. This immediately rules out the nature of TRUE OBJECTIVITY. 

The Underlying Structure of Human Interpretation and Articulation : Language


Language is the very foundation upon which our ability to articulate and convey sits on. An additional layer that proves my theory is the fact that we use a subjective medium to interpret and articulate. Language isn’t something that is objectively set out in the world and non negotiable, but rather created under relative and collective agreement amongst human beings; malleable and open to change as those collectively agreed upon parameters change increasingly relative to other variables (e. g. culture, region, etc).


Relative Objective Understanding

It makes a lot more sense to say that the immeasurably complex mechanics of our experience can have established relative objective baseline parameters to give some sense (ultimately an illusion) of tangible solidity (e. g. Mathematics has baseline parameters; to say “1+1=2” is true relative to relative objective parameters. Change the parameters=different outcome).

Importance of Open Ended Understanding

No matter what, anything we asses as “objective” is still ultimately subjective, opening us up to the realization that any understanding through any medium is open ended and not absolute. Absolute understanding can be stretched as far as “e. g. variables x,y and z in physics are absolute relative to parameters x, y and z.”. As far as I can tell, this is one of the few examples of stretching the definition as close to logical tangibility as possible.

Why is this Important?

It’s important because we shift from the paradigm of our current understanding of understanding. We rely far too much on science and objectivity without thorough investigation of the medium itself and the larger hierarchical structures upon which it sits. The universe is a much more mystical and open ended organism than we want to admit.