I’m going to make a disclaimer and say that I cannot say everything I want to say about this topic in one post. This is a topic that runs very deep. Something you should expect from my articles in general is that there’s always MUCH MORE to be explained and explored. The full answer can’t be given in a 500 word consumer article.

Jordan Peterson has been on the rise since early 2016. Peterson’s initial spotlight shined with his public refusal against bill-c16. As someone who has followed his rise since early 2016 and seen him personally in Vancouver last June, I can say he is a truly remarkable individual. Three fully recorded university semesters on YouTube and one book later, he is currently one of the on and off best selling authors on Amazon.

The Perpetual Fight for Dominance: The Nature of Hierarchies


Jordan’s fundamental argument is that life itself is a series of games, and within these games we have hierarchies. Whether we understand it or not, life has baseline parameters anywhere we look through almost any medium (e. g. physics, mathematics, biology, etc) that serve as “rules” so to speak. This is what Peterson tries to convey to the listener when he talks about life being a series of games(e. g. the game of society, the game of nature, the game of economy, etc). Peterson’s theories become increasingly evident the deeper we dive into the topic.

What’s a Hierarchy? Why is this Important?https_%2F%2Fblogs-images.forbes.com%2Fjacobmorgan%2Ffiles%2F2015%2F01%2FHierarchy-cartoon-e1421392319757.gif

A hierarchy is a organization/system in which people are organized in relation to status and authority. The example above is an example where a hierarchy would be traditionally seen. I would like to dive deeper and give a more fundamental example of a hierarchy to further reinforce the idea and hierarchies are an inevitable part of life.


Let’s say you’re crossing the street, a car skips the stop sign, and you instinctively step back. Why did you step back? Does stepping back imply that it was a better decision in relation to another? Was stepping away from the moving vehicle a better option than moving towards it? Assuming we’ve decided that it’s better not to get hit by the vehicle versus the latter, we’ve immediately created a hierarchy. The very moment we decide one decision is better than the other, this intrinsically creates a hierarchy.

Humans and War


Time and time again we’ve seen the perpetual cycle of war among-st mankind. The nature of war itself implies hierarchy; a fight for dominance. There’s a hierarchy of decisions for each individual warrior, and within that there’s a hierarchy within each army, and these armies are fighting within a larger game with a larger hierarchy for domination of land/wealth etc. Are you beginning to understand what he’s referring to?

Hierarchies in Nature

Another trivial example of a hierarchy is the food chain! Regardless of anywhere we observe in nature, we will always find hierarchy. Is it unfair that the Apex consumer has “more” than the primary consumer? People need to wake up from the “kumbaya save the world” fantasy. To make real tangible change we need to analyze and observe the fundamental structure of what we’re dealing with. From understanding it’s baseline mechanics, we can operate within the medium itself instead of the fairy tale we’ve constructed in our heads.


Natural Selection


I need you to prime your brain around the idea that life is a lot more brutal than you think it is, and that fundamentally life is a harsh, relentless, unforgiving experience. Understand that relative to the human timeline, we live in an exceptionally special split second in time. Things we take for granted such as tap water, abundant food sources, peace, etc; it’s nothing short of a miracle that we even have parts of the world where we’ve consistently maintained this kind of environment. The deeper I analyze both the behavior of humans and other animals, this becomes increasingly apparent.

The Misunderstanding of Equalityscale-clipart-equal-3.jpg

We live in a society (predominantly in the west) where we’ve become obsessed with this general ideology of “equal”. The issue with this is that you’re chasing fairy tales! Life itself perpetually demands for some people to be on the top and bottom of the hierarchy. The very foundation of first world countries sits on the slave labor from third (not justifying this but rather pointing to the harsh reality of the situation). With a deeper understanding of the nature of hierarchies, we may be able to finally sink some sense into these politically brainwashed snowflakes. You sit there drinking your 5 dollar Starbucks coffee whining about equality in the west? Seriously, shut the fuck up and gain some perspective man.

Operating Within Hierarchies: It’s in our Biology


There’s an innate desire (primarily in men but in women too of course) to attempt difficult tasks and learn new things. Why is that? Half of the answer is because of the chemical compound testosterone. Testosterone plays a key role in mans ability to focus. Specific benefits of optimal T-levels include increased cognitive function, memory, and general mental functions. The short answer (and the other half) is that your brain is setup to have this “reward system” loop. You take tangibly difficult action on a task you’re dealing with, and a healthy functioning brain with give you a hit of a chemical compound called dopamine to encourage repetitive behavior. There’s a reason that men have intrinsic desire to compete that runs as early as childhood (is it really that bad to say these days that men are intrinsically more competitive than women?). This is partially a biological adaptation in males to continue to grow and compete against other males. This innate desire creates a myriad of intrinsically produced hierarchies.


The situation is much more complicated than what I’ve articulated in this article, but at least it gives you a solid idea of what we’re talking about. I’ve decided to start posting 3 days a week instead of 2 given the sudden attention my blog has been getting. Going to go study now until my eyes go red.